Client Static Download Links

What are the static download links to the most recent clients.

For example I am editing the clients page and I can only find links with the version number are there links that I can use that when clicked will always download the most recent version of the client, for example if is use it will always download the latest version.

Your links are
so it will download the shibboleth 5.1.4 version which may not be the most recent version.

The most recent version is listed under

The problem of is that you never know what “latest” means so you have to take a second look to find out what version is currently the latest one. And what if the Seafile Devs forget to update the zip? This happened. Detailed links are much better than comfortable ones if you have to administrate systems because detailed named links/download packages obfuscate less what your downloading for both - the user and the Seafile devs.

Valid points and I totally agree on an administration side, but when the client does not want to be directed to an outside page when his workers click the link from within the web gui what is one to do? The only way would be to change he link on the download temp. on every single release. He wants it as simple as possible… Clicking either the icon or the words below it will download the client app. He actually wants it so simple as to detect the OS and offer up the client for it. Normal end users do not want to see nor do they care what version and etc. They just want it to work.

In this case the employees shouldn’t touch anything executable at all. If a company doesn’t trust in the abilities of the workers to handle download versions or the employees are not interested in IT at all in my opinion the only wise solution is a software distribution system.
People who just want to use a “make everything okay button” are like drivers without a drivers license so they should only be allowed to use the regulated public transport system. uses the “latest” links on their site. So until their client stops working with this version of Seafile, I’ll use this links. Only problem I have is that they do not signify which version you are downloading until you go to install which is a pain.