Clients waiting for sync after changing IP address on server

I move to another subnet and updated the IP address on the server. I changed the SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT and I restarted the server.
My client (windows and Ubuntu) are able to connect to th new server address, but the libraries status are showing “waiting for sync”.

I upgraded to the latest version 9.0.5

What did I forget to change or set.

You have to change the server address on the client too.

Of course I did that. I am able to connect and see the list of libraries on client-side, but each library stay in state “waitng for sync”

Can you post related messages from the client log?

My log showed the following:
[06/14/22 21:52:16] starting seafile client 8.0.7

[06/14/22 21:52:16] client id = 56f4a678e5ec451db02fa274c93ec4fb46618276, client_name = Zenbook-Andre

[06/14/22 21:52:16] rpc server started.

[06/14/22 21:52:18] start to serve on pipe client

[06/14/22 21:52:19] libcurl failed to GET Couldn’t connect to server.

[06/14/22 21:52:21] libcurl failed to GET Couldn’t connect to server.

I could not wait for a solution, so I reinstalled the server from scratch and re-synchronized each library. That worked for now, but it is now ideal.

For the benefit of the community, when I have more time, I will try to reproduce the problem on a “non-production” system. When I do, I will refer to this thread.

Thanks for providing seafile and the support.