Clients won't connect after accidental shutdown Seafile Server

Hi There,

I have been searching for a solution to get my Seafile Server back in business after my electrician accidently cut my Server off from power.

I did run the Terminal again and ran the ./ and the ./ commands but the clients didn’t reconnect with the server after this

This is what I did:

Started ./
Started ./
Checked the router port forward settings

Clearly I am missing something. Can anyone help me to get this server running again?

Hi, and don’t show any problems when starting?
You said you’re unable to connect using the clients - does the web interface work?
Can you connect to your server over ssh or did you enter the commands locally? (Maybe, some networking component is fried?)

using a webserver as proxy? apache/nginx running? I could start normally, but asked for an email account with password which I provided. I suppose this is normal?

I did enter the commands locally. This is Seafile server running in a docker and the server which it runs on is operating within normal parameters.

The following page is showing when browsing to the webfront :8000

# 502 Bad Gateway

nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu)

after I gave the command: /etc/init.d/nginx restart

After I restarted mysql and nginx at the terminal everything was functioning normally…

Solved. Thank you. I forgot to restart the database and webserver. A little less nooby now :wink: