Clone local server to remote server


I want to clone the files on a server that’s running at one location to a server in a remote location. Is there a neat way to do that?

The purpose of this is that location A has clients that can upload on LAN speeds but the uplink has limited upload. Location B has a gigabit uplink and is remotely available. So I want to set up location A to receive client data on LAN and have the server upload to location B in throttled mode.

I do this by having a Seafile Server at Location B just like yours and a Command Line Client at Location A syncing all Libraries required at Location A. The synced data will be exposed to the local Network A via NFS, SMB etc.

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Hi @Wolle if you already implemented it, could you outline your solution more in detail? I think this is a highly recurrent question and we could attach it to “typical user and scenario cases” or similar. @DerDanilo

  1. Set up normal filesharing on a linux server (NFS, SMB or both…)

  2. Install Seafile Command Line Client on that server. For security reasons create a user to run that client - don’t use root.

  3. Create the startup scripts for your distribution to startup the Seafile Client at system start.

  4. Create the sync points (library names) in the filesharing area

  5. Adjust filesystem access rights to enable the seafile user as well as the ordinary users to access the sync points

  6. Sync the libraries in Seafile Server to the sync points.

BTW. this scenario works on the Seafile Server as well if you like to access the data in your cloud via filesystem shares in the location of the Seafile Server.


I’ve made some progress after experimenting with an unrelated matter.

My current seafile host is an Bananapi M1 ( which is an armhf processor ). So quite low capable hardware but it’s suitable for the job.

I managed to get seadrive running from repository by updating to stretch and installing seadrive-daemon:i386 from stretch main

( )

I advise you to use aptitude to update to stretch and install the seadrive package since it will resolve problems quicker if you happen to be in a similar situation.

I’m a little bit over-joyed I finally get to finish this setup. Hope I can help someone in the future by leaving remarks.