Cloud operation is not valid

Hello Everyone,

we would like to understand which are the conditions under which the following happens:

From time to time few colleagues of mine, face a problem in which they receive, from the client, a message like the one in this link (sorry it is in italian, I can translate portion of it on request):

and in the log we find something like the following lines (be aware that the screenshot and the line reported here refers to different events):

[09/28/22 12:21:50] CfExecute failed: L’operazione cloud non è valida…
[09/28/22 12:21:50] failed to execute the last data for file: 3 CDA-ASSEMBLEE SOCI/1_CDA/2022/2022_09_29/2_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY_rev1.doc, filled size: 44032, file size: 43008.
[09/28/22 12:21:50] Failed to get block bfff495a727fa24ebbf828fbd7db0858fd32d12e for file eb8eca85-a7b9-44d1-b731-2b2e782622ec/3 CDA-ASSEMBLEE SOCI/1_CDA/2022/2022_09_29/2_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY_rev1.doc from server http status 200.
[09/28/22 12:21:50] CfExecute failed: Operazione cloud annullata dall’utente…

Does this happened to anybody? Why? Is there a way to avoid it?
Thanks in advance for any hint

Hi Dario

Is this from a file open request, so the user navigates through the (non local) files and then doubleclicks the file and the error appears?
We never had issues like that with drive, but it may be - as i had a lot of things with users - that the filepath is too long, so the download to the local cache fails as it is too long? (That’s a Windows restriction to, i think it is still 255 chars in a complete path)
Does it work, when the user triggers it from the web UI?

Hi Retrodios,

Thanks for answering!

yes, to the first question!
And agree with you about the filepath, which is a severe limitation for many users (anyway that’s a Windows problem that we will not be able to solve, at the moment)
And yes, the access via web works normally, only the SeaDrive Windows client shows this behavior from time to time.
Unfortunately we still did not understand the conditions under which the problem happens, and infact at the moment we are not able to reproduce this and we wonder if other users (or developers) have better information.

You may refer to this FAQ entry: Seafile FAQ & Known-Issues