Cmake QT5_USE_MODULE formatting issue

The Seadrive gui client is a truly great piece of software. The virtual disk (which is amazingly fast!) is so good when used for streaming music, video, etc. However, compiling can be a bitch.
I sometimes use different Linux distros - depending on what the particular laptop//desktop’s primary purpose is. I have had the compilation (instructions here: fall over on a few different distros with the following:
# Template file for ‘seadrive-gui’
configure_args="-Wno-dev -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release"
hostmakedepends=“qt5-tools qt5-qmake pkg-config jansson-devel”
makedepends=“qt5-devel qt5-tools-devel libsearpc-devel sqlite-devel qt5-webengine-devel qt5-declarative-devel qt5-webchannel-devel qt5-location-devel”
short_desc=“GUI part of seafile drive.”

…and then fall over with a Cmake QT5_USE_MODULE formatting issue.

I have no idea how to fix this as I am not a developer (although I have tried to stumble through it).

It works great with Debian and the AUR, but any other distro is hit-and-miss.
Clearly you can’t be expected to maintain it for every possible Linux (and BSD) release, but if it works for Seafile, couldn’t it also be made to work for Seadrive too?

I know I’ve asked this before, but wouldn’t it be possible to release the Seadrive Client as an appimage or even a flatpak? Is it not in Huawen’s interest to have more people use the software?

SeaDrive 2.0.22 version will solve this compilation bug. We’ll update the Linux version this week too.

Thanks, Jonathan!