CodiMD markdown editor integration

Hi, I just come across this MD editor:

Looks very cool. Support many markdown syntaxes, table, image upload, equation, flow chart …
More importantly, it is realtime collaborative. Feature list:

Would be very nice to see its integration with Seafile, just like the collabora/onlyoffice.
Just to bring your attention if that’s interesting.


Your feature request is already on the roadmap for version 7.0:

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I do not seem to see how realtime collaborative Markdown edition is present in seafile.
I saw this issue (2502 on seafile github) that was closed earlier this year that states that markdown is not compatible with collaborative editing, while I would argue CodiMD that OP mentions does exactly that.

Realtime collaborative Markdown editing is possible if editing Markdown in plain text way. But not possible with the current WYSIWYG markdown editor in Seafile.

Now we have sdoc editor in Seafile that support collaborative editing. Markdown files can be convert to sdoc and vice verse.