Collabora - wrong certificate?


i’m trying to get collabora to work with seafile. I have separated subdomains and configured everything as described here.
Seafile is not passing any of the specified file types to collabora.
I get following error in seahub.log when starting the seafile server:

2017-07-05 07:01:06,181 [ERROR] requests.packages.urllib3.connection:356 _match_hostname Certificate did not match expected hostname: collabora.domain.tld. Certificate: {'subjectAltName': [('DNS', 'seafile.domain.tld')], 'subject': ((('commonName', u'seafile.domain.tld'),),)}
2017-07-05 07:01:06,183 [ERROR] seahub.wopi.utils:97 get_wopi_dict hostname 'collabora.domain.tld' doesn't match 'seafile.domain.tld'

For me it looks like nginx is showing a wrong certificate to seafile while it starts up and therefor seafile thinks that collabora is not configured properly and disables the feature. Opening collabora.domain.tdl in my webbrowser gives me the correct certificate.

Any Ideas?

Now it’s working. I needed to add the DNS-Names of my server to the /etc/hosts file:       seafile.domain.tdl       collabora.domain.tdl

Hi @Garfield is this already documented on the Manual? Should it be documented?, or, do you have some special configuration that it requieres these both lines? Thanks in advance

I don’t think that there is any special configuration. It’s Seafile 6.1.1, nginx, MariaDB, collabora in docker - everything was installed on one single server as it is written down in the docs.
The certificates are from Let’s Encrypt, both seafile and collabora have their own nginx-config with different domain-names.

thanks, from your answer I understand that it should be on manual and actually it is not. @DerDanilo

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We are working on a manual, but it won’t be at as the developers refuse for now to host an additional best practise manual that looks better and has a better overview.
It will take some time (month), so patience is at hand. :wink: