Collaboration links

I have a idea… , Today we can send share links for download and/or upload.
But wouldn’t it be great if we could have the possibility to combine them… “Send collaboration links”, where user and guests with the URL can upload, download, delete and change files…
Any thoughts?..


Come on, any ideas?.. :slight_smile:

We will add this feature in a future version.


Cool, I have some suggestions…
The owner shall be able to select if history of the file shall be visible or not to the collaborators.


Any news here?..
We look forward!

We haven’t implemented it yet. It is in our plan for 6.1 (but with a low priority).


a link that allows upload and download anonymously turns Seafile into a open relay.

The creator of the link has no control who uses it. Imagine the following situations:

  • User A creates such a link and send it to user B in good faith, that it will only used for an agreed purpose
  • But user B send the link to User C
  • Now user B and C can share files unavoidable by user A

Or even worse:

  • user C uploads a very nasty or even prohibited files
  • user C publish the link in a public forum
  • law enforcement authorities get knowledge about the files

While the first case might be acceptable (In my opinion it is not), the latter isn’t. Unable to determine who user C is, the operating company of the Seafile server will be responsible and my face legal consequences.

If this feature will be offered by Seafile, it should be disabled by default and it should be possible to enable it only for individual roles.

Quite contrary I would like to be able to prevent creating an upload and download link for the same folder or library.

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Maybe I miss the point, but what is the difference for the scenarios described between a combined up-and donwload-link to sending two separated links one for downloads and one for uploads? Anonymous up- and downloads are possible in both case…

I think it’s just a smart and nice way to collect and share files in a group.

Yeah, there should still be an option to create two separate links. Since not every user wants that another person eg. uploads things or the other way.


no, you got the point. Not being able to prevent users to create an upload and a download link for the same directory is the problem.

Right now just the necessity to create both links separately prevents the widespread use of this »feature«. Offering to create both links together will increase the use and therefore the risk of misuse.

Allowing up- and download via anonymous links is a legal threat for every institution that runs Seafile (or any other share application).

There may be reasonable scenarios where this feature might be useful - in my opinion most of them can be addressed with guest accounts combined with the new invitation feature - but I ask for an option to disable it or even better - prevent the creation of upload and a download link for the same directory completely.

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As far as I understand, @scheff is just advocating for an option to disable such a feature, not arguing against implementing it. There will always be someone who wants such a feature for their users and someone who doesn’t. :wink:

Almost. :slight_smile:

I’m arguing for an option to prevent upload and a download link for the same directory completely.

(Preferable as a property that could be assigned to roles, but a global option wood be fine, too.)

Updates? :slight_smile:

There has not been a change so far.

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Ok, good to know! Thanks!

Are there any news?
Maybe i can found this on Roadmap?

We haven’t put it into our plan yet.

Any updates?