Comments lost when moving a file

When moving a file (over the web interface), all related comments are lost. The file gets a new UUID and file comments stay connected to the old UUID.

Is this intended or just a bug?

If intended, my feature request would be that file comments stay connected to a file as long as it is just moved (and not copied or else).

You should use the SeafileDocs branch or SeafilePro to avoid the problem.

Thanks for your response. If I understand aright, this is already solved in the mentioned version/branch. So I just have to wait for the next CE release which is not a problem at all.

Is there any plan for fixing this in CE?

Actually you will need to switch to the SeafileDocs production. This is a special edition of Seafile with extra features but drop support for SQLite database.

No such plan. SeafileDocs drops SQLite database support. These new features can’t be merged to Seafile CE.


Ah so Seafile-Docs is based on Seafile-CE?

That leads me to 2 questions:
Will there be precompiled versions like in CE in the near future? I just found sourecodes releases on github

And will the CE version be maintained any furhter?


SeafileDocs will only be distributed in Docker image.

Seafile CE will be maintained normally.

I’m a little bit confused. Why shouldn’t this get fixed in the next (major) CE version as it is already fixed in Pro version (tested it for myself). Retaining a UUID doesn’t sound like a Pro only or a new feature and both versions share the same core. And I can’t see why this is connected to SQLite as I am using MySQL in the corresponding instance.

So I guess it will be gone in 7.0 CE when it is released someday. fingers crossed Or will file comments be removed in general in an upcoming major CE version?

As said above, this feature requires an extra component that can’t be added to CE version. Otherwise a lot of users that using CE edition with SQLite as database will have a problem.

If you need this feature, you have two ways:

  1. Use the pro edition.
  2. Use the SeafileDocs edition (SeafileDocs can be viewed as a special edition of Seafile CE that drops SQLite support but adding other features).
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I see, it’s a database dependant feature. Thanks for pointing that out, now it does make sense. :grinning: