Compatible Movie Formats

Anyone know where I can find a list of movie formats Seafile will play in browser? I have some .mp4 files that will not play in browser. They play fine when downloaded to my Mac.

Did you install the pillow moviepy?

Umm… being as though I’ve never heard of it I’m gonna guess no I haven’t.

It plays .mov files just fine in browser. Does it matter that those .mp4 files are encoded with .h265 and not .h264?

First you have to look what kind of files are supported by HTML5 (mp4, ogg, webM, FLAC, mp3), then what kind of encoding HTML5 support (yes you are right, not support H.265) and then what kind of files and encoding support your browser.

Then look at Seahub source code you can see that support is on named files (mp4, ogg, webm, mov).

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