Complex sharing

So i am in a school.
I have 3 classes;

I have 10 students, not every student is member of every class, but some of them are member to more than 1 class
names are student1, student2,…,student10

I want the data to be saved in the group so i ceated functional accounts for the classes with allmost the same name.
So the data is stored in the “group” account rather then the student accounts, because when a student and/or teacher leaves the group the data stays available to the class.
I make several students member of the group of which the teacher of the class is the admin (we can have mutliple teachers being an admin).

However whenever a students wants to add a folder with data to one of the classes where (s)he is a member of. The only way this seems to be possible is by 1st creating a folder, setting proper permissions, and then handing this folder over to its new owner; the class. Chaning permission afterward is not possible as far as i know now.
This allso has the disadvantage that the user can not use the map to driveletter options anymore.

This is all very complex to maintain, and sometimes diffucult to explain to the users.

Can this be solved ??
I was thinking about making it possible by giving space to a GROUP rather than a user, and give an admin of this GROUP possibillety’s to maintain permission within the group, where an admin of a group can set proper permissions to groups and or individual users.

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We’ve planned to implement this feature: allow groups to own libraries. If the development goes well, it should be available in 6.1.

How risci would it be to apply for working with the beta that is going to be biuild that supports this.

I support a foundation that wants to use this, as their server is allready on 6.0 i can’t imagine setting up a beta 6.xx would be a bad plan, as they are learning to work with seafile wright now.

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We’ll make an announcement when 6.1 beta is available. The beta could have some minor bugs. Generally I won’t say it’s risky to use.

I don’t quiteunderstand your use case. Why not create a library and let users create sub-folders in this library? In this way, the owner of this folders is the group account.

Dear Daniel,

I do that now, but users find it very complex to work with.
it allso has several limitations if the user is not the “owner” of the files and subfolders.
E.g. uploading a complete folderstructur from a windows machine is drag now.

I am very curious how this going to be for end users in 6.1 beta.
I’ve setup & managing several seafile servers now and getting “the hang” of it now.

Kind Regards