Confused about Storage Quota and Download/Upload Limit

Hi friends my seafile is running nicely. Now I would like to share my library with my family. But need to understand how to get certain control over few things.

  1. What is Storage Quota : I have set it to 10 GB for a user, does this mean that user can upload 10 GB from my server or Download 10 GB from my server. Plus if I look to Space Used / Quota heading. It shows just 100MB when in fact close to 3 GB files have been uploaded to my server by my family member.

Need to understand how this works. Most importantly I need to know how to set MAX ALLOWED DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD bandwidth LIMIT. Like say I set it to 10 GB then a user should not be able to download and upload files from and to my server more than 10 GB and if possible set this monthly or weekly baises… Possible???

Can anyone assist and make me understand how this works and how can I have more better controll over DL/UL limit for my users.


From what I know, seafile doesn’t have traffic limit for the user account, if the account owner uploads/downloads the file, i.e., non-sharing.

However, you can set limit for two things.

  1. Share link traffic usage. When a user shares some files through the shared link, and somebody else downloads the files through the shared link, the traffic will be counted and monitored by the admin.
  2. Space quote. This limits the total amount of space that a user can use to store his files. Note that the space quote won’t count the file in the history. In other words, if a user updates a file, the account’s space usage only calculates the size of current file. However, it would consume space more than that in your server disk due to the historical version.