Confused over start/stop messages

./ stop
Stopping seafile server
./ stop
Seahub is not running
[Carry out minor upgrade]
./ start
Seafile server started
./ start
Seahub is already running

But Seahub isn’t running as can’t open the website. Restarting the brings the web server back up.

Not got a total solution to this but on the last upgrade, using systemctl to start seafile and then seahub worked. But running and manually didn’t - which is strange as systemctl runs the same scripts.

The big difference is that one runs systemctl as root - should one run the and scripts as root as well?

I’m not running either as root - it depends on your setup.

Maybe there is a permission issue and the user you’re trying to run ./ with cannot access some files or directories which the script requires?
You could try to run ./ as root to see whether this makes a difference.

(Also, inside the systemctl script you can specify a user to run the commands - so it doesn’t mean whatever systemctl ist starting is being started by root just because systemctl is run by root.)