Confusing Seafile 7 Upgrade Description

The description of this part is really confusing.

File history
Recording file history to database for fast access is enabled by default for ‘Markdown, .txt, ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx’. To disable the feature or to modified the file list, you can add the following settings to seafevents.conf

enabled = true
suffix = md,txt,...

After enable the feature, the old histories version for markdown, doc, docx files will not be list in the history page.

After reading it, I don’t know if setting enabled=true will enable the feature or disable the feature.

Please find an answer here : Seafile server 7.0 is ready! (Including the CE and PRO edition)

Emm, maybe I am missing some context. After going through the linked post, it is still unclear to me what’s the intended behavior with and without using the setting.

To disable the feature, set “enabled = false”