Control count of connections

hey! i wanna to control the number of connections from one login :))

for the possibility of blocking, as unscrupulous employees give out their username and password

is it possible?


how will you do this? People are connected through different devices (windows client, iOS, Android) with the seafile server in parallel. Will you forbid this?

yep. yep. very wanna only two active connection.

Hi Ivaneliseeff,

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I think you are asking two different questions:
1.) Blocking users as they disclose their login credentials to others
2.) Limiting # of connections to the server by one user

As for 1.) Of course, you can block a user from accessing the server. The audit log also shows you from which IP address a user accesses the Seafile server. You can use that to substantiate any suspicion you may have against a user.

As for 2.) Limiting the number of server connections is currently not supported. I heard the feature request before, but it is currently not on the roadmap: