Converting from sqlite to mysql difficulty

I just converted my Seafile from using sqlite to mysql using the scripts and steps I found here:

Everything seemed to be working at first, but then I couldn’t connect from the phone app, and the “Devices” section under system admin wouldn’t load. I finally tracked it down to the “api2_tokenv2” table being missing from the “seahub-db” database.

To make a long story short, seahub-db.sql says to create the table with this line:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `api2_tokenv2` (    `key` varchar(40) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,    `user`     varchar(255) NOT NULL,   \
 `platform` varchar(32) NOT NULL,    `device_id` varchar(40) NOT NULL,    `device_name` varchar(40) NOT NULL,    `platform\
_version` varchar(16) NOT NULL,    `client_version` varchar(16) NOT NULL,    `last_accessed` datetime NOT NULL,    `last_l\
ogin_ip` char(39), wiped_at datetime DEFAULT NULL, created_at datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT `1970-01-01 00:00:00`,    UNIQUE (\
`user`, `platform`, `device_id`)) ENGINE=INNODB;

But according to this stackoverflow answer, the datetime can’t have a default value in mysql before 5.6.5 (I am using 5.5.52 from debian packages) (sorry, apparently can’t link because my account is new)
h t t p s://

I just did this to find all the values that should be in api2_tokenv2,

grep -i “api2_tokenv2” seahub-db.sql

I made the table without the default (I hope that doesn’t cause problems), and did all the inserts to load the values in. Seems to be fine. Maybe a note in the “Migrate From SQLite to MySQL” page would help people avoid this in the future.

Also, is it ok that I don’t have that default anymore? Everything seems to be working so far.