Copy between 2 Seafile servers

I have a legacy Ubuntu-based Seafile server. It has served me well.

Home NAS is being replaced. A fresh install might be beneficial, and I would like to import the existing Libraries I have on another Seafile server. The original server runs across the internet, behind reverse proxy so it’s encapsulated under a HTTPS endpoint.

But I cannot plug 1 server’s drive physically into my new server. Data transfer will be slower, timeouts, authentication, etc.

I only use the Seadrive client on MacBook. Seems I can only select Seafile account at a time.

What are the alternatives? Anything provided by the Seafile server itself?

Priorities are to track the status of each file copy and ability to run in the background, as I expect this to take multiple days.

Back up your data. You didn’t mention any backup and if anything goes wrong, you’re toasted.

From what I know there are 4 ways of accessing SeaFile data:

  • directly from the server’s drive, keep in mind the data is stored in chunks and you won’t be able to see the regular directory structure as client’s show it
  • SeaDrive you are familiar with
  • seafile-client
  • WebDav, but that has to be enabled

So, based on the above, you can copy from SeaDrive to SeaFile client or directly copy the data between servers. If you want to use WebDav, you have to enable it first.

rclone supports seafile as well, so I assume you could use that as well.

I use rsync to copy the seafile data folder and a SQL dump. Pay special attention to file links and file ownership. You basically want to copy all! This has worked so far.