Create upload link in mobile client (seadroid)


Let’s say I’m at a friend’s place or working off-site and I wish to give someone an upload link. Most likely I don’t have my laptop computer with me, only my smartphone or tablet. It’d be really nice if I could create an upload link right from my smartphone instead of setting a reminder in my calendar to do it later…

This feature would be a nice complement in the “3 dots menu” (top right corner in the android client) when inside the folder I want to create a link for.


What exactly do you mean by creating an upload link? Do you mean a Share link for a file? This would be done simply by clicking the button within the red circles in my screenshot:

In the menu which appears then, you can share links to files. Also you can upload files located on your phone by pressing the share button —> share to a seafile library —> choose a library.

What I mean is a share link that allows the user (e.g. recipient of an e-mail containing this link) to upload a file to my server. In the full-fledged Seahub I can create such a share link, in the mobile application I can’t.

ah! understood ;). Did not even know this feature existed in seahub haha