Customizations on web gui and sync client

Hey all.

I have been having seafile running flawlessly from an lxc using the pro edition for 1 client (myself).

I have gotten around wanting to extend this feature to my family members and I want to customize the appearance (only appearance) of it.

So far I have been able to change the logo, the login background image and the favicon image (through the gui settings).

Right now I have 3 things I would like to customize and haven’t figure it out just yet.

I was wondering if it is possible to use the same logo from the webgui on the sync client bar here

Since I changed the logo on the webgui but the sync client still shows the seafile logo.

When the sync client first runs and a user logs in, it wants a directory to be chosen and then it proceeds to create the root “seafile” directory. Is there any way to change what the root directory name will be when the sync client creates it?

Is there any way to customize the login box here

I would like to change the colors and add some transparency to the non-text input areas.

There are other items but these are the ones I am targeting right now.

Thank you.

this is not the answer you expect, but I can offer you a CSS with the dark theme, more pleasant to my taste than the original theme, you can try it by copying the CSS in the reserved part of the mode administrator in the web interface.

Link To Dark Theme Folder:
MD5: 322A89C9863D4B60CF226CD625C45778


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Thank you!

At the very least I can see now how to change the login box.

Now if I can just get the seafile sync client title bar to reflect my custom logo that would be awesome.

To others reading: Is there a way to affect the root folder structure? Rather than the root folder name being called seafile I would like to change it to something else.

Unfortunately this is not possible unless you build the client yourself (which is not as tedious as it sounds, but still too much trouble for home usage imo).

Still, here are the lines you can edit:

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@Barolo like you said it’s alot of work especially for home use. I tried to compile and make changes to the linux server and windows client…didn’t want to tackle the android app, so I washed it.

It’s a shame too because I have had it running in a debian11 container since install with 0 issues.

Not taking away from it’s great performance, I just wanted to be able to have a bit more control over how the file structure is laid out especially considering that the block data on the server is not directly useable so syncing across multiple devices becomes its own redundancy.

I really enjoyed seafile and have no complaints overall I just need to find another syncing platform that gives me more control.