Data recovery when reinstall docker on windows

I install docker for windows, and run the seafile-server container on it, I share the local folder D:/Files for docker, and when install successfully, the seafile folder wo generated there, so far so good, here’s some questions when I considering if I reinstall the windows.
1, can I backup the docker image and container before reinstall, and how
2, if not 1, I shoud fresh install docker for windows and download image then run a new container, is there a way to attach the old data ‘seafile’ folder to the new container? I know if I install seafile-server not by docker way, there’s a option to use exist database (but I don’t know this way can keep the file or not)
3, if not 2, I can only run a brand new seafile-server on a new operating system, what’s the recommend way to recovery my files or migrate to new seafile-server