DB seafile delete list files on db


how can i delete the list of repository files on seafile db?


Which list?

list of file on encrypted repository

And where do you expect such a list to be?

i don’t know if seafile stores files list on db.

i must delete old files on seafile.
I deleted the filesystem on seafile-data folder. the files there aren’t but i view the files list on my repository. is not correct.

So seafile, stores files list on db? or which files system i must delete to have (on seafile web dashboard) the correct list of available files?


Simply deleting files on your filesystem is just going to break your instance (affected libraries will be broken). If the files are still there you haven’t deleted them.

i view the same list files on client seafile dashboad, but if i try to download or view, i have the message “the file is not available”.

So, in what folder on seafileserver, i must delete files?

You don’t delete files on the server filesystem but via Seafile GUI or API. Deleting on filesystem is last resort.
Did you read the manual on how Seafile actually works?

yes but i have this problem.

i must delete files older 2 days. so i must use a cron job to do this and i haven’t any solutions.

i write in forum but i haven’t the solutions.

please tell me what is the correct folder (seafile-data ect) to delete correctly files.


We already did told you that you have to delete them via API. I’m not sure if Seafile is the best software for your use case.

And if the files are listed but cannot be downloaded you deleted the files without metadata or you have wrong permissions on the filesystem.

ok, but i can access of all users files. more repository are encrypted.

so, if i delete correctly the files by filesystem, on web dashboard i must have the correct list?

there are solutions?

please tell me solution or if i must pay to have a cron job with this requirements

If you need to automatically delete files that are older than 2 days, you need to do this from the client side, not server side.

A cronjob that deletes the files from the client side is the correct answer. Mount the library(s), delete the files. Be sure the library has history turned off.

but i can’t enter on my clients seafile account. i must use the server side solution with cron job but if i delete the files (blocks on seafile-data folder), on client side i view the same list of files.

Deleting via server side without mounting the library as the client is not supported.