Deactivate Java in SF Pro

I want to use Seafile Pro for S3 support.
But I’m not interested on any other Pro functionalities… Is it possible to activate/deactivate specific features? For example, Java instances/support?
Thank you

You can disable quite some features via the config files (especially You can disable search, file preview, audit log for instance. You find more info in the Seafile manual at
Additionally, you can create/define roles in a way that all pro features (such as ‘Invite users’) are disabled. You find more info on roles and permissions here:
I am positive that you can achieve your objective by strictly disabling features you don’t want/need.

Disable search in seafevents.conf.


Thank you both
I’ll set today a small VM and check that Java is not executed at all

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How do you want to check that. Only proper way is to uninstall Java and see what happens