Decrypt Library

I need Help with my Seafile Server. I am using a raspberry Pi with an external Harddisk and sata Adapter.
Some time ago i hat to freshly install my server and the backup was pretty broken. I struggeled a lot with setting a new server up because the db files are not in order and i cant import them somehow. But i managed to export a few files with seaf-fsck and rescued them. The Problem is now that the majority of my files are in encrypted libraries and it returned:

"[12/30/19 13:25:53] fsck.c(1108): The following repos are encrypted and are not exported:
[12/30/19 13:25:53] fsck.c(1058): 373c220c-4e41-44b5-b00b-4c2dbaa31761(Priv)
[12/30/19 13:25:53] fsck.c(1058): 27a45b1f-0c01-4af1-900f-afff37924331(xyz)
[12/30/19 13:25:53] fsck.c(1058): 43cf7b0d-9741-4205-af1e-314fab2a9bd7(example)
[12/30/19 13:25:53] fsck.c(1058): 62c8bae8-52be-463e-ad33-11d361f0c0e1(Testfiles)
[12/30/19 13:25:53] fsck.c(1058): c9cf5628-2eb3-4713-aa0f-71e5bd87dc00(Privat)
[12/30/19 13:25:53] fsck.c(1058): 6d99ea4d-31cb-4b17-9150-be56eabd52b6(Doc)
[12/30/19 13:25:53] fsck.c(1058): e293ca3e-4294-4b03-80b2-d9cf1d0a698f(Music)
[12/30/19 13:25:53] fsck.c(1058): b8b991d9-7373-44d5-8cc0-cd0c5a77ffb3(DB)

My question is now: is it possible to manually decrypt those libraries? I mean it could just prompt for a password when exporting those files. There has to be a way to decrypt them without setting up a new seafile server and all the Database struggle. I hope you can help me. Some of this data is very important to me. Thank you.

Hi d…
welcome to the Seafile Community Forum.
Your question is a special one. I am not sure what your options are or if anyone has experience with your situation. (Keep in mind, this is the Community Forum and you cannot expect the developers to answer here.)
If no one answers within the next 2-3 days, I would contact the developers via This may cost you a bit, but if the data is very important to you, then I would let them have a look at it.