Delete library from the client


The client does not provide the option to delete a library from its GUI.

Is there any reason why ?

Two options could be implemented :

  • If the library is synced : delete from server / from the client / both
  • If the library is not synced : delete from server

What do you think of it ?


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This is a good idea, but I think there are some wich are more important to implement.

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I think it is no common task to delete a library and ok to only have it on the web ui (which can be opened by clicking view on cloud for any library).

Hi, for me, deleting a library is as common as creating one… :confused:
Also, client users can share from the client, why can they not delete from it ?
Seadrive provides the ability to delete a library, why not the standard client ?

But you both are right, this is not a priority.



The Android client also provides the functionnality to delete a library :confused:

If they do add that capability, then they also need to add the capability for the admin to disable that function for the client. Inevitably, some dufus would delete a shared library from the client and there would be some unhappy people yelling at the admin.

God damn’, no ! :yum:
Then it should have already been done, cause some clients already provide that capability. Beyond them, phone cells clients with unexpected behaviours…

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Yup… It’s one of the reasons when I do an install for a customer that I don’t recommend the phone apps… I don’t want those phone calls, because then, they will want me to restore the files, and they very often don’t have a backup… lol…

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