Delete placeholder files?

I moved my seafile CE server to 10.0.1 on docker.
I moved a seadrive client from 2.0.16 to 3.0.4. And tried other versions 2.x too.
My question are the so called " Placeholder file" in the local storage.
With my old installation I could disconnect the user from server and was asked to delete the cache. All placeholder files disappeared. Great.
But after my redesign this ist no longer possible. With 2.0.16 too. I think its a security problem to see all placedholder files if a user is logged out from the seafile server.
How can I clean/delete these placedholder files? Within Seadrive? With a script (shutdown *.exe and delete the cache location)?

You need to remove the placeholders by hand. The Windows API that supports this feature is not safe to remove the placeholders when they’re still connected to the account. So the correct way to remove them is:

  1. Delete the Seafile account on client
  2. Remove the placeholders manually
    OneDrive has the same behavior when you disconnect your account. The files remain on the device.