Deleting old Cache folder


In Seadrive 2.0.26 I changed the temporary cache folder to another drive to save space on C.

I discovered that the old cache folder on C is retained, so the storage space is not released.

Now I want to delete the old cache folder under C, but I get an error message (0x8007016A) - how exactly can I delete the old folder? It’s just about the cache folder (seadrive_root), no other folder, thanks!!

It appears to be a OneDrive associated error, but how? :slight_smile: OneDrive is not even installed on my pc (windows 11).

Windows seems to block writing on that folder till the online instance release the folder from any sync - thats my assumption so far.

I found this method on Remove-Item : Access to the cloud file is denied while deleting files from OneDrive - Evotec (thx@Przemyslaw Klys):

$Items = Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath "seadrive_root_folder_path" -Recurse
foreach ($Item in $Items) {
    Remove-Item -LiteralPath $Item.Fullname
$Items = Get-Item -LiteralPath "seadrive_root_folder_path"

Can anybody confirm this?