Desktop Drive Client Crash on Mac Catalina


Any one using Mac Desktop Drive Clients on Catalina?

Mine crashed upon start once I upgraded to Catalina.

Error Message “SeadDrive Failed to initialise”

I saw this on a website,
I don’t know if there’s a relationship.

Your 32-bit apps are no longer going to work in macOS Catalina, and you’ll get a warning when you install the update. macOS Catalina supports 64-bit apps only

According to Apple’s System Information app 10.14 both SeaDrive 1.0.7 and Seafile Client 7.0.2 are 64-bit apps.

Hi, i have a user with Catalina who installed 10.0.11 drive and have the same issue with error message “osxfuse damaged”
I’ll be glad to know if there is a workaround …

installing for MAC OS solved the issue

Is it normal ?