Desktop Drive Client: OS X security settings (kernel) show developer name instead of software name

The OS X Seadrive Desktop Drive Client asks to allow a kernel extension in the os security settings. There the notification does not bear the software name but instead the name of the developer. This is slightly irritating. I suggest to use the same name as the software has.

Is (German): Laden der Systemsoftware des Entwicklers “Benjamin Fleischer” wurde blockiert.
Suggestion: Laden der Systemsoftware des Entwicklers “Seafile” wurde blockiert.


The kernel extension is a well-known open source FUSE solution for OS X. So we think it’s okay to show that. We tried to apply for a signing key for OS X kernel extensions. But Apple refused to provide such key to us for whatever reasons, and they suggested us to use OSXFuse instead :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. Does the alternative offer the same features and will you use it for os x?

@Simsala We’re already using OSXFuse from the beginning.

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