Details about hardware

I am implementing a seafile cluster in a company with the community edition, please send me details about the hardware to use (MariaDB cluster, web server, memcached …) such as type of CPU, RAM, disk …
operating system to use : linux

The CE does not support HA/Cluster. You need the PRO edition for that.

it’s just for the test after we will migrate to proffesionnetl edition!
so can you give me an idea about the material requirements on the pro edition
plzz :confused:

Seafile can run on a large range of hardware and software configurations.

Minimum System Requirements

A Linux server with 2GB RAM

There you go :slight_smile:

We are running a pro cluster with three nodes (mariadb and memcached cluster) based upon Citrix XenServer virtual machines, each having 6GB RAM. No problems, so far.

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thank you for your reply ! can help us again?
about the number of virtual machines and network cards that are needed
Thanks for your help :slight_smile: <3

What do you mean? We have a big xenserver cluster with hundreds of VMs. Three are used for seafile.

it’s just for the test after we will increase the number of users! I asked the questions to get an idea about the initial preparation for hardware (I am a beginner in seafile) :frowning:

OK. We have 25,000 users in our seafile database and 10 TB storage for seafile (connected via NFS). We don’t have any performance problems up to now.

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Thanks for the explanation ! if you do not mind I have another question about the API layer if I can install it on an independent server or not

Maybe you should open another thread for this. I don’t know.

ok ! thank you very much for your explanation :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The API is part of Seahub which runs on the frontend nodes. I think you can run as many as you want. Currently the main problem seems to be scaling memcached.

can you explain me more ??

Did you read through the forum? There is tons of information in here that answers most of not all of your questions. The same goes for the documentation.

If you seriously want to run a Seafile cluster you should understand ever part that it is build from. Asking targeted questions in a forum is ok but the wrong approach.