/dev/root ran out of space, seafile doesn't start on Raspi

Hi all,

I installed Seafile 6.3.2 on my Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Stretch Lite) and expanded the filesystem of the 32GB SD-Card, so that /dev/root currently has a size of 29GB.

I created some libraries in Seafile and now I realized that the server isn’t starting up any more because /dev/root is used by 100%.
I’m pretty sure the synced data is by far not that size! I guess it stored too many file versions.

Do you have any hints how to free up some space to get seafile start again and maybe then delete some library data?
Is is possible to kick some dirs via SSH or something like that?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Yezariael,

It may possible to free up some space by running the garbage collector. This depends on whether or not the clients have deleted some of their files and also on the library settings. To be safe, you may want to checkout the documentation to make sure you know how it works. I suggest running the garbage collection with the --dry-run attribute such as /home/seafile/haiwen/seafile-server-latest/seaf-gc.sh --dry-run on your first try so that you know what library needs to have blocks deleted.

(Replace DOT with a period).
Garbage Collection: manualDOTseafileDOTcom/maintain/seafile_gcDOThtml

If anything, you may want to checkout how to backup and recover it on an external hard drive with more space.

Backup and Recovery: manualDOTseafileDOTcom/maintain/backup_recoveryDOThtml

Let me know if any of this helps. I have a server running on a Raspberry Pi as well.