Different storage for specific libraries


I try to achieve, that Seafile uses different storage areas for specific libraries. E.g.:

I have three libraries:

  1. Documents
  2. Pictures
  3. Stuff

Now I would like Seafile to store the files like the following:

  1. Documents: /var/seafile/storage-block1
  2. Pictures: /var/seafile/storage-block2
  3. Stuff: /var/seafile/storage-block1

Just because I’d like to store my documents on a fast SSD storage area. The Pictures should stay on a slower HDD.

Does anybody know if it’s possible?

Thanks in advance!

This should be the right solution for you https://manual.seafile.com/deploy_pro/multiple_storage_backends.html

Otherwise you could use Linux symlinks for those three specific libraries.

It’ll lead to issues because Seafile uses hardlinks. Afaik some users already tried it out and ran into errors.

The multiple storage backends feature solves your issue but requires the professional edition.

Ah thx for the Info.

Ok. Thank you! Unfortunately, Pro isn’t an option. Then I will leave it as is.

I think you can’t even fell the difference. Have you already tweaked your nginx conofigurations and your seahub_settings.py?

Sorry, was on holiday. Eh… can you explain in more detail what do you mean with “tweaking”?

And yes, until know I feel the difference, because I have very slow HDDs (Green IT :slight_smile: ), and if Seafile runs on these it takes very long until downloads start or thumbnails for pictures are loaded. On my SSD everything is very fast with instant start of the download.