Disk space still busy after removing

After deleting a folder of 593 GB in a library, when I execute “du -hs /home/cloud/seafile-data” command to the seahub-data folder, the folder always makes 593 GB
Instead of 14 or 15 GB,
I deleted the trash in the seafile library that corresponded to the folder, but it does not change anything.
Server 6.0.8 (debian)
root@boubou:~# du -hs /home/cloud/seafile-data
593G /home/cloud/seafile-data

Thank you for helping me.

You have to run seafile gc to remove unused files from disk.

I executed seafile gc but it did not work. I have made a backup of my data on another server windows with the client seafile, I reinstall seafile, I start again on new database, and I used the client on windows server to upload the data on the Server debian …
Is it necessary to use seafile gc to purge unused files regularly or i can automate the task?

The files deleted by the last action will not be removed by GC for safety reason. You can try make any other operation on the library, then run GC again.

You can use a cron job task to run GC every week or every month.