Disk Usage on Server too high

Hey guys,
I have an issue with the disk usage on my seafile server.
In the System-Admin section of the web interface I have a total amount oft about 13G data on all libraries.
But in the seafile-data directory is 54G of data:

user@XXXXXX:/XXXX/seafile-data/storage/blocks $ du -hd1
11G     ./db21d5da-b8dc-4a03-a0fc-XXXXXXXXX
36K     ./e7c370c7-4773-47c2-b108-XXXXXXXXX
44G     ./0cf62db5-ad78-43f1-839c-XXXXXXXXX
304K    ./77cf9b31-4a28-473c-b8f7-XXXXXXXXX
54G     .

I already tried seaf-fsck and seaf-gc, but this didn’t help.

How can I solve this issue?

checked for the history settings in the library? Or the trash in the admin area?
And you might need to run the gc multiple times

oh, didn’t know that seafile has this feature. Thank you!