DLNA Server for the Desktop Client to Smart TV?

I hosted the server on a Windows Server 2016 to backup my family documents and stuffs…

Since the files are stored in Seafile’s structure, not a normal directory structure, I’ve installed the client to “expose” the files for my other services… However, not all services are able to see the drive.

One of my intention for services is to allow my Smart TV to be able to browse my family photos and documents on the TV via DLNA.

If the desktop drive client has an inbuilt DLNA server service to select particular folders to put on DLNA, it would be great…

Only services running as the same user can see the Drive.

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, I’ve tried that. Some services work nicely. But not all.
LG’s SmartShare software, no matter how I set it to run as the same user, it just refused to see the drive too. The option to choose the drive is always grey-out.

But if the desktop drive client could activate these features, it would save a ton of “looping” around.

I’m using DLNA services + seaf-fuse on Linux. (Seafile server is not supported for Windows now)
Seafile + MiniDLNA
Seafile + Emby
Seafile + Jellyfin