Do not allow certain users to see a list of all users when sharing

Using the Seafile Community Edition v6.3.4 on our own server.

We would like to grant access to our customers so they can upload files securely.
However, if the customer creates a library and clicks on “Share”, then “Share to user”, he can see all of the SeaFile users, including other customer accounts.

Is there anyway to block a specific user from any of the following:

  • Create a library
  • Share a library
  • Share to user
  • See a drop-down of available users when sharing

In Seafile CE, it is possible to disable auto-complete. Have a look at “cloud-mode” in the Seahub settings.

You can prevent users from creating libraries, sharing, … by changing/creating a user role. Role-based account management, however, is a feature exclusive to Seafile PE.

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