Docker official support

Hi everybody, are you know if this image have official Saeafile support?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, it’s the official image.

Thanks Shoeper, Really? then why docker hub dont show as official organization repositorie?

I think those with underscore (the official ones) are part of the docker library and being uploaded by Docker Inc.

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Hi shoeper!

It seams you are very well informed about seafile and docker! What is the correct way to run seafile pro as docker container in your opinion

  1. From the manual it says use the docker login command to
  2. Now there comes up the docker hub version
  3. There is the seafile docker source under github
  4. a proposal within an issue to use docker-compose

What is the correct and futureproof solution to start and follow-up? (Or in your Opinion)

Thanks, Andreas

This is the official seafile pro image

that’s seafile ce (the official image)

that’s the “source” for the seafile ce and seafile pro docker images

So far I’m not sure how future proof it really is. I do only recommend it with some proxy for SSL termination in front of it. Furthermore for people without any docker experience I wouldn’t recommend using it.

Thank you so far, same feeling was here :wink:

currently i run my testenvironment with this docker version: xama/docker-seafile-pro:latest

Looks like the images uses SQLite. I strongly recommend against using SQLite with Seafile Pro.

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Thank you! Did not look into this matter. Usually i install it native to linux manually. It was just for proof of concept and to verify all kind of workflows for a customer system. It was so fine that i had to change internal workflows as well … now i want to replace this with a futureproof standard docker Solution… even windows as host os.