Docker-Support for ARMv7

I would love to use seafile in my docker environment running on my raspberry pi 2.

Is an official image planned?

Hi I am also intersted in an official docker support for ARMv7 architecture. The nearest non-official docker image I have found that is working is this one but it stops updating in version 6.3.4.

I am not an expert in docker just learning it. I see some stones in the path to get the new docker-compose structure working in armv7:

  • mariadb is not available for armv7 (just armv8)
  • seafile base image is phusion/baseimage:0.11 and it is not available for armv7 ( but exists phusion/master-arm & phusion/master-arm64)

For sure there are more stones but at least these ones.

Is there a way to start something in the community to support this option for raspberry pi armv7 & armv8 ?