Does 2FA send an email or work with an authentication app

Total mental block - does Seafile 2FA send the token via email or does it use an authentication app?

Also a bug - on Seafile client, you can’t cancel out of this dialog. Keeps popping back up:

Answering my own question - partially. It uses an authenticator app with a QR code. I’ve got a test Seafile system where 2FA wasn’t enabled so this prompt appeared when I enabled it:

So the next question is how do you get back to this set-up screen when you’ve got a new phone/lost the account in the authenticator app? Don’t forget that one can’t logon at this point… although I do have access via the admin account.

Hi Rob,

as admin, disable the 2FA in the user settings and reenable it.

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Thanks - that works a treat.

Wonderful. Can you mark as solved?

After you enabled 2FA the next page shows you this

I am sure you followed the instructions and kept your codes somewhere safe! :wink:

P.S.: This is a screenshot from 8.0.5 pro. The output looks a little broken to me.

Indeed I did - they are in a Bitwarden secure note :wink: Except when I tried them, they didn’t work. I’ll try again on a test VM. You do type them into the same box when it prompts for the 2FA?

The documentation (both admin and user) needs a little improving here. The 2FA prompt box could give more information or rather the “?” could do something which it doesn’t - like bring up a help page. Plus how to reset 2FA so the QR code can be represented for a new/lost phone scenario needs adding to the admin manual.

Is it Github to raise suggestions and issues?

Ahh just noticed this - same version here and yes, there is another post on here about how the output is broken. That needs fixing ASAP. Assume that’s why my backup codes don’t work.