Does seafile support ipv6?


I just set up my seafile server, and I can access it via, cool, but I can’t access it replacing with “[my ip v6]”. It is important to me that I can access seafile via ipv6. What can I do to achieve it?


Please use an reverse proxy with TLS infront of Seafile for your own security. There you can also use IPV4 and IPV6.

Hey guys,
Thanks for your ansers. But I neither understand the one or the other. I am not looking for some diagnostic tools. I know that the router has given my pc a ipv6 adress. If I run an apache webserver, I can access it vie this ipv6.
And I am not yet looking for some proxys for better security. I only would like to acces the server via ipv6. Type in the ipv6, the port and access the seafile page.

If seafile is not ipv6 ready yet, is there a fowarding way like 6 tunnel?
So that I can forward a request comming in on ipv6 on one port to

Please read the community manual. It was written specially for users like you (beginner).

It will guide you through step by step, even without a reverse proxy, which is not a security improvement but a necessarity btw.