Download from wrong location

My Seafile server is behind an nginx proxy.

When I try to download files from the web browser, it tries to download from https://files.******.net:8082/files/834a839e-67b6-4c78-b3fa-3057446ff68c/ (port 8082).

If I manually change the URL to https://files.******.net/seafhttp/files/834a839e-67b6-4c78-b3fa-3057446ff68c/ (default port + /seafhttp/) it downloads as expected.

Any ideas how I can configure Seafiles to provide the correct URL when using the web interface?

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Wow I was in you very same situation and could’nt download anything from the browser (clients works fine). I couldn’t realize why, with your manual workaround at least I’m able to download files when needed.

Of course this is not the right behaviour. Could be something related with a wrong url passed from nginx to seafhttp. But I’m not sure how to fix, maybe somebody from Seafile can help us.

Nothing is shown in seafhttp nginx log…

My nginx conf is taken from the manual.

In your admin settings, what did you set for SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT?
Sounds like at least the FILE_SERVER_ROOT is wrong/not set

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@92lleo You were correct. My FILE_SERVER_ROOT was missing. It was there before, but I probably accidentally replaced it when I copied someone else’s config to fix another problem. Now it works again and as a bonus my markdown previews also started to work.

Thank you very much!

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