Download History log as a file

I Have quite often to analyze what happened to missing or corrupted file/folder.
History feature is nice, but not very handful.
Would it be possible to download all history of a Library in a single file ? Including all details of action, date, who, client, client version …
So we could use grep and other cool unix tools to perform searches.

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It’s that what you get if you click on the history icon at library view, but paginated? Maybe you can find out the api request and hax together a curl | grep command to do what you want?

Isn’t that what’s in the commits subfolder (seafile-data/storage/commits)?
Each of the files has the following contents: (Some redaction applied to one of these files on my server)

{“commit_id”: “xxx”, “root_id”: “xxx”, “repo_id”: “xxx”, “creator_name”: “xxx”, “creator”: “xxx”, “description”: “Added or modified “xxx”.\n”, “ctime”: time, “parent_id”: “xxx”, “second_parent_id”: null, “repo_name”: “name”, “repo_desc”: “desc”, “repo_category”: null, “device_name”: “device”, “client_version”: “1337”, “no_local_history”: 1, “version”: 1}

If I’m correct, each library has its own hex-no. and commits are in the corresponding folder. Hence, you could get all the information from these files.
The idea is a (slightly) different approach but basically what @Gronis already proposed.

(I could be wrong, maybe some additional information is stored somewhere else.)

Thanks for the tips,
I’ll find a way with seafile-data/storage/commits and API.