Download link for Seafile Pro edition

Hi all,

You can download Seafile Pro edition from here:

Note, before downloading the program, please read the EULA first:

The software is free for 3 users.


Are these links final, can we trust them? I see this is a forum post which is not visible in the forum (you have to scroll to the very bottom and wait for javascript to create new entries to show it). I can’t find Pro download links anywhere else.

Also, is there a changelog for the Pro server? EDIT: Found the Pro changelog (should be added next to the Pro download link)

The download link is in this page too:

Where can I provide bug reports for the Pro Edition? Do you have Jira or would posting them on the forum do?

You could use GitHub?

You can report bugs for the Pro edition on Github too:
If you’re not sure whether it’s a bug or not, you should use the forum first.

I can’t download the Pro versions with wget, why’s that?
I want to download it to my ubuntu server directly with wget - is that possible?

Please use

wget “” -O seafile-pro-server_6.1.9_x86-64.tar.gz

Hi @daniel.pan @Jonathan where did the pro download directory move?

It is not accessible anymore via

Sorry It’s fixed now.

Hi @Jonathan @daniel.pan

I must be doing something really silly as it won’t donload the correct file with wget, instead of 140MB it downloads 6k?? What am I missing?


wget -O 'seafile-pro-server_10.0.6_x86-64_Ubuntu.tar.gz' ''

@Cisco, thank you so much, worked first time, obviously a syntax on my side