Download link using QR Code


We have just migrated our Seafile server from 7.1.21 to 8.0.10 and everything went fine.
As I wanted to try the QR Code for sharing a file, I met two problems :

  1. There is no text on the QR Code button, which is disturbing. It might only be in the french translation
  2. There is no way to copy or download the QR Code itself from SeaHub and it’s a shame… The person sharing the document is not the one who wants to access it :slight_smile:

Could anyone please do something about it ?
Thanks !

Let me guess: You are using a custom CSS to modify the skin of Seahub? Remove it and you’ll see the QR code.

A “copy to clipboard” function would be nice indeed.

Nope, no custom CSS…
But strangely, the QR Code icon did appear later on today :thinking:
This point is solved, then.
However the need for a “Copy to clipboard” button for the generated QR Code is still there.

Thanks Ralf :slight_smile:

As for problem 1: I guess a caching problem.
As for 2: Do you want to write a feature request? You’d get my +1 right away.

Ok good idea ! And I’ll also tag this thread as solved.