Download ok, Upload NOK on android


I use the seafile android app 2.2.4 on android8.0 with my own linux server (debian8 with seafile-server 6.2.5).
Downloading files works fine, but i cant upload (they are failed in the transfer list).

Note: on my laptop i’ve checked: ‘do not verfify server certificate in https syncing’ because it’s a self certified one.

I don’t see any logs on the server.

Do you have any idea ?


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Can you upload from the WebUI?

Yes, upload from WebUI works fine !

Did you enable “ignore unvalidated certs”?

No, i didn’t see this option. I’ll try to find it… but later, i’m not at home !

Same problem here.

And others on github

The version of seafile-2.2.1.apk (12.12.17) works uploading files.

The version 2.2.2 (17.03.18) and higher - does not work uploading files.
List of changes 2.2.2:

  • replace upload file network libs
  • fix crash when upload large file
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I can confirm.

Downgraded to 2.2.1 and now I can upload again.

I got 2.2.1 from here: