Download problem and login problem

Hello ,

I encouter a problem with seafile docker. I installed it on a raspberry pi 4 with ubuntu server , so it is behind my personnal router.
Here is what happen : i use docker compose where i changer nearly nothing except admin email and user password.
The installation goes very well , to test i launch without ssl encryption , the first problem is i can’ use the default hostname ("") it doesn’t work so i connect with local ip address 192.168…etc…
It works fine , i can upload files , sync a folder… but i can’t downlad , it shows me a 404 error , that’s the first problem.
I also change docker compose yaml to test ssl encryption (i deleted evrything and made a fesh start) , this time i can’t login to my user admin , says user does not exist(“That e-mail address doesn’t have an associated user account. Are you sure you’ve registered?”).

Thanks in advance for the help

Ok i solved it my self , it was a broblem with ip address