E-Mail Files to Seafile?

Hey Everyone,

is it possible to E-Mail Files to seafile@mydomain.com and then SeaFile puts them in a Library / Folder of my choice?

Use-Case: To have an invoice@mydomain.com Adress where Contractors can send their invoices to.


This is not possible. But you can do it soon in SeaTable. Then you can save files from SeaTable to Seafile.

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How can you save files from seatable to seafile? I asked in the seatable forum but didn’t get an answer yet.

There is no such a feature at this moment.

It’s interesting that this feature is documented in seatables docs.

By the integration of SeaTable and Seafile, users can either choose the files from Seafile in the file column, or you can transfer files from SeaTable to Seafile.

Is there any ETA for this?

Transfering SeaTable files to Seafile are rarely needed by users. So we don’t have a plan to add such a feature yet.