EASY question about upgrade 6.0.9 to 6.1.1 with postgresl database


I have a seafile 6.0.9 with postgresl database
I want upgrade to 6.1.1

I just want ti know if this updagrade will touch the database postgresl ?

Thank you

OK i resolve it with conert mysql to postgresql script :slight_smile:


I have the same issue since I use postgreSQL instead of MySQL.
The update script seems to call db_update_helper.py which is not configured for postgreSQL.
What exactly did you do then with the script you posted? Translate the code in db_update_helper.py from mysql to postgresql? How?

Any help is very much appreciated

Thank you :slight_smile:

You´d need to edit the seafile-pro-server-6.1.{0,1,2,3,4}/upgrade/upgrade_6.0_6.1.sh script and comment out line 199 which would call update_database;.

Afterwards run the script like usual but do not start Seafile and Seahub yet as the database of course wasn´t updated.

Next step would be to translate the file seafile-pro-server-6.1.{0,1,2,3,4}/upgrade/sql/6.1.0/mysql/seahub.sql from MySQL to Postgres.
You could do it manually or via converter like what @deleutre mentioned.

Once you have a proper SQL file simply apply it to your Seahub database and start both Seafile and Seahub.
As things might break ideally create a backup first :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that did the trick :slight_smile: