Editing files with OnlyOffice in an encrypted library

Seafile can opening text and PDF files and showing them, also in an encrypted library. But it cannot editing a document with OnlyOffice in an encrypted library. This is only possible in an unencrypted library.

What’s the cause? Is there a change possible?

Sorry to break the bad news to you: File editing in encrypted libs is not supported.

Is a change possible? Sure! But this requires development by Seafile Ltd. or the community.

Just for you to know: Said restriction is not the only one of encrypted libraires. You cannot …

  • create public links in encrypted libraries
  • move files/folders from an encrypted library to any other library and vice versa
  • access encrypted libraries with Seadrive.

Yes I known all these limitations with encrypted libraries. Especially the one with Seadrive is irritating. Encryption is one of the most useful functions in Seafile. Without the posibility of encryption I would not absolutely choose Seafile.

Sorry to hear. What is it that bugs you? I think Seafile is not too bad a software.

According to Seafile’s roadmap, the developers are working on SeaDrive’s support of encrypted libraries. Just give the developers some time. The Seafile team is currently busy releasing a really nice version 7.