Elasticsearch alternative

Elasticsearch itself has high requirements on the server, and the CPU and memory usage are also quite high. Whether to consider adding/replacing a more lightweight full-text search service, such as zinc, sonic, tantivy, typesense, meilisearch, etc. These can keep a low occupancy when full-text search is implemented.


Do these services also work performantly, especially with large amounts of data?

sonic works really well is the official recommendation of archivebox and in all options is the only one that can be a replace to elasticsearch.

Sonic has some good points

  • Use less resource
  • Support many indexes (For example, an index per user or an index per library)

From my point of view, Sonic has following drawbacks:

  • Does not support HTTP
  • Does not store original text snippet, which is required in Seafile to show matched text snippet in a long document

ZincSearch looks like a better alternative. Actually, we are already looking at support ZincSearch.

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